Sunday, May 10, 2015

This post is for those WITHOUT a positive and personal relationship with their mothers. If any of the following apply to you...may today be a day of reflection, cleansing, forgiveness and grounds for a fresh start:
A mother's boyfriend or husband sexually abused or abuses you
Your mother favored or favors your brother(s) over you
Your mother sabotaged or sabotages your romantic relationships/marriage
Your mother mistreats or mistreated your children or favors your sibling's children
Your mother abandoned you or left you for someone else to raise
Your mother made or makes material things, sex, clubbing and men priorities over motherhood
Your mother rarely if ever says or said, " I love you"
Your mother rarely if ever hugged or hugs you
Your mother has EVER said, "I should have never had you"
Whatever the source of pain or disconnect, may the arms of the Great Goddess Mother wrap her arms so tightly around the emotional damage that it literally squeezes the life out of it, REBIRTHING a new you!
This is not to put a damper on all the posted pictures of mothers and beautiful representations being shared. I have always had a close relationship with my mom and she fully cherished me as a child and still does now that I'm grown...probably a little too! But still, we have had some critical, life-changing differences that continue to go unchecked or unaddressed. If we can have a source of tension when certain subjects hit the surface of the table, then surely those who have suffered any of the above must feel some kind of way on days like today. MY HEART AND PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU! And just remember...our mothers are vessels to arrive at our higher selves of BEING and whatever you experienced or currently endure is not by accident...but something intended for a higher purpose, so use it and SOAR!