Saturday, March 7, 2015

If someone calls you out your name....

Hand them a mantra and a mirror!

This is definitely a painful challenge:   how best to prepare our children for the UGLY things that other children might say about them.  Whenever a student redirected another student's mean or teasing taunts by shouting, "Ms. Roberts, so-in-so called me..... or so-in-so said my....!" for me to fix, my quickest response, "Well, it's not what so-in-so calls you, but what YOU answer to!"  Still, as an adult, I knew the anger or hurt from the biting words lingered, regardless of what quick-witted curve ball or shield I might lend my students to throw back or protect themselves.  

The reality is: words really do hurt, even when our self-esteem and self-love are clearly intact.  I love the wittiness and confidence of this beautiful black baby, but I still feel the blunt blow of pain she senses as soon as she reaches the "WORD" part of her story.  I nearly teared up the first time I watched it.  We witness her hesitation to even repeat the "WORD", because it is obviously just that hurtful.  

Thankfully, here is a proud mama, using the situation as a teachable moment to further instill a sense of self-awareness and purpose within her daughter, as well as, make a statement without placing other children and their parents on BLAST (like is so often seen when parents discover their children have been wronged)!

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