Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Son to Mother

Delhi Public School in Ghana trains kids in public speaking
I have not made one public opinion regarding Saint Louis' tragic events involving Ferguson Missouri and Mike Brown, and I still prefer to keep my thoughts and opinions to face-to-face spaces rather than virtual ones.  I would like to publicly share, however, how much I am appreciating Tammie Holland's on-going interviews with Mike Brown's mother, Leslie McSpadden.

Yesterday while listening to the radio on my drive to work, Ms.Tammie Holland had the nerve to play Tevin Campbell's "Tomorrow" cut from back in the day.  Maaaaaaaan!!!! I was already feeling all kinds of ways when she broke out with the "Save the Children" anthem by my angelic-heaven-husband, Marvin Gaye. But I have not heard Tevin Campbell's "Tomorrow" song since....Shoot!...since forever!  Confession:  I am normally the designated DJ in my car, so if she plays it often, I am unaware.  Regardless, it served as the perfect preface to her conversation with Mike Brown's mom.  Fortunately, I do not wear mascara because right after popping my fingers, swaying to the beat and humming a sing-along, tears suddenly clouded my driving visibility while listening to Ms. Leslie McSpadden speak about her son.  Yes, she has been vocal in the media on numerous occasions, but it was something different about this mother-to-mother interview.  Ughhhh!  I was a little messed up before reporting to work, but then I remembered the HOPE expressed in these timeless lyrics:

Leslie McSpadden talked about Mike Brown's "old soul" and selfless spirit.  A spirit that led him to move with his aging grandmother in order to serve as her caretaker.  She also discussed how birthing him at the age of sixteen defined their mother-son relationship.  His mature nature and man-like size encouraged his sense of over-protection for his mother.  So many black children are playing adult roles to assist with the daily struggles of survival as though the voice of Langston Hughes' famous poem, "Mother to Son", is being retold but with our children telling their stories for us to listen and learn instead.

During this time of unrest and awakening, may our children still find peace and hope in their righteous revolts.  And may the adults allow them to rewrite history without  undermining their voices with preachiness, fears and complacency.... let us NOW listen.  HOTEP!

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