Thursday, October 30, 2014

What Black Children Need Now... is Love...Sweet LOVE

Yeah...Yeah..Yeah...I fell off for a minute...sue me! LOL!  If there is one thing I hate about blogging, it would have to be its up-to-date posting feature.  Hmmmm???....there might actually be a way to turn it off.  Is there?  Of course my desire to mask the dates whenever I feel the urge to post relates to my "blog abandonment issues".  I will have a thousand and two reasons to strike up a bloggersation, but then I resort to just good old fashion pen and paper.  And once I get it all out...oh well...the thought of transcribing it is simply deflated. It's a wrap! Okay...enough with the excuse-making and disclaimers! If you don't know anything about me at all, you should know by now how infrequently I post.  So moving on! Now let's proceed to the order of learning business!

I have grown quite tired and bored with the parent/home versus teacher/school debate.  What am I talking about you ask?  Well simply put, it is the argument around who is responsible for TEACHING our babies.  Some say, "Parents send us the best they have!" and "Parents are not the ones getting paid to teach!" The opposing side slings back, "Parents are the first teachers!"  and "I can't do my job without the support of the parent(s)!"

So who is to blame? Not one particular group over the other.  Yes, we need to discover creative ways of bridging the home and school gap.  Unfortunately, playing the "who is more responsible" game  further divides us, as demonstrated by a Saint Louis radio discussion among educators I heard today.  Yes!  It is what sparked this very post.  I joined the listening audience somewhere near the end of the program, but I heard enough to catch the gist of the conversation and to discover that the radio guests stood in opposing corners of the learning box.  Like political parties plugging their agendas and slinging soundbites, the radio guests appeared to make points that intended to be philosophically opposing when they were fundamentally interwoven.  Yes, we need good teachers who are professionally equipped and trained to teach "black and brown" children!  Yes, we need parents to do whatever they can to support their children's education.  And yes, we need students to be held accountable and responsible for their own learning!  Yes...Yes...Yes...WE NEED!...and YES WE...that presidential C-word!

Instead of politicizing the issues and blame calling, let's just agree to AGREE!  Everyone plays a role and drives a lane on the stage and highway of learning success!  Though it may sound cliche, but the African proverb about the village still holds true.  But like the wise folks say, "Common sense has never been common".  In case you are a parent reading this and you have no clue as to what you can do since you might work long hours, raise your children single-handily, feel inadequate about school, or struggle to provide a safe and adequate home for your children, here is what my mom did and she struggled with all the aforementioned.  Why Tupac's confession about his mom being a drug addict in the song, "Dear Mama" popped into my head just now....I am uncertain. SMH!  However, back to the one thing:  LOVE!  Yes...LOVE!  There is no excuse for sending a child to school feeling unloved!  PERIOD!  My fondest childhood memories are those times when having no money meant giving more love to disguise the fact that we were poor in pockets but rich in LOVE!  That is what I perceive to be the WEAKEST link today.  Just love on your babies by showing and telling them several times every day.  Kiss them and hug them and talk to them!  PUT DOWN THESE DAMN "TOUCH" PHONES AND TECHNOLOGY AND LOVINGLY TOUCH OUR BLACK BABIES!

Regardless of where a child's academic level or social development is upon entering school, it will be much easier for the teacher to take children where they need to be if they leave home feeling LOVED!  Now if  children feel and act any less LOVED when they return home, the teachers/schools are not doing their job!  That's it...  Debate Resolved!  So let's stop with all the "urban" and "woe is po' folks in the hood" to explain why black and brown babies can not compete and learn.  Do you remember why the caged bird sings?  STUDY YOUR HISTORY!

Let's love on our babies and make sure that those that teach and "school" them do the same.

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