Friday, June 27, 2014

Two of the Same: Charter and Public Schools

Not much has changed...really

Well, I'm baaaaaaack!  Nothing like a little school politics to get the blood boiling and pumping for writing. I spotted this article on Jamilah Nasheed's FB newsfeed and figured I would blog my feelings rather than post a 10,0000-character comment on her feed and then have to respond to comments in response to my reponse....and so forth and so on!  That type of thing could take all day.  However, the fortunate thing about having a blog is unless you are celebrity famous or underground popular, very few people...if any...will take the time to even comment on your blog post. It's as though people prefer a word fight or orgy only when they know a lot of people are sitting around witnessing the comment combat or love fest!  LOL!  Not as much action as an unknown blogger, so I am choosing to vent my commentary as a post on my own cricket-sounding board.  

Like Democrats and Republicans....not much difference between charter and public schools....politically speaking!  So who is really shocked by the two scratching each other's backs and blending their efforts in order to survive.  Whether parents choose public or charter, their children are still attending school with the same children from both their immediate and extended neighborhoods.  The "charter" granted to a public school is about what special liberties are extended to the ADULTS who operate, manage, run and teach!  The children are only a by-product of the charter's freedom to TRY something different from "regular" public schools.   However, the children, parents, neighborhood and community remain the same.  

Sooooooooo...where is the change really needed?!  Ashe'!  By Goddess, I think you got it!  Yep...we as the first teachers, community supporters, business/property owners and elders of the neighborhood MUST change.  Otherwise, we will continue to get caught up in the distractions of politics while the children continue to be under-served and mis-educated!  As the article openly admits, charter and public are combining their agendas and efforts in order to save the image of St. Louis city, attract newcomers and investments and prevent WHITE people from flying way!  If you are a black parent whose complaints have remained the same since removing your child from a public school to a charter, you already KNOW what I am talking about.  You could write a book or a post on the topic yourself!  Trust me...I know!  Just talk to the parents of children who have placed their children in charter and public and many will tell you just how SIMILAR they both are...when it comes to MIS-EDUCATING black children. So what are we to do?!  

I have a few suggestions...but like a great movie will have to wait until I complete the book.  Don't worry... it will cost no more than your weekly Redbox or lottery ticket expense, but  a girl has to make a living!  Unfortunately, no matter what solutions I suggest, unless you as a parent are ready to make and enforce change, you will continue to shuffle our black babies from one school pipe dream to another while spending your tax dollars and hoping to find a perfect fit.  

So there you have it folks...whoever out there might be reading!  My morning thesis:  charter versus public is synonymous with voting on issues labeled Republican and/or Democratic; for, both are only abstract ideas and models of type casting!  Did having a black president make for a post-racial society?  Neither will choosing one school over another...the education of a BLACK child is the responsibility of BLACK people!  PERIOD!

Ok... yeah...the article:  click here!

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