Friday, June 20, 2014

Learning about the B's of Life: Blogs, Books and Business

Why is there such shame and guilt attached to abandoned blogs?  In case you did not know, blogs require almost round-the-clock care.  I can understand why a blogger would hire or welcome ghost and  freelance writers; this is definitely a labor of love!

I have been busy making and scraping pennies together to pay bills while fantasizing about a published book.  Tonight, I at least created my writing space and unpacked my manuscript folders.  That is a huge step in the WRITE direction!

I have also started my own tutoring company.  Not only does owning a business feed my entrepreneurial spirit but it fuels my passion for teaching!  Marketing a business that allows me to work with integrity instead of compromise is so overly empowering.  I am afforded the grace to actually tell parents what I really think and teach children the way I really want to teach without fear of an administrator's backlash or punitive paper trail.

I still, however, feel it's important to serve as keepers of our children in public schools where they are usually under-served and misrepresented.   As a freelance educator, I will continue to build connections with schools willing to use my expertise without me signing a restrictive teacher's contract.  Yes, I am committed to remaining a FREE educator who serves as an agent and advocate for children! My purpose is quite clear!

If you are a parent or educator interested in forming a relationship with a business designed to meet and nurture children's natural abilities using a whole-child approach to learning, TUTORGANIC is the supplemental choice for you!  If you are in the St. Louis area, I am available for all elementary subjects,  parent conferences, home visits, student/parent advocacy, emergency child care and enrichment. activities.    

Please feel free to call and schedule a "Meet and Greet" session, where  we will discuss your child's needs, payment options and scheduling.  This "Meet and Greet" also affords your child an opportunity to interview me for the job.  After all, who are better qualified to choose teachers?

Along with running a business and birthing a book, I will add the extra pressure of keeping this blog fresh and updated!

You may call me at: 424-777-5107  Email me at: or Visit and LIKE my FB page!

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