Friday, November 8, 2013

What's your philosophy?

How are you teaching without a philosophy? 

If you don't have one or remember the one you wrote during your teacher education program, you better create one right this minute!

Your philosophy is your gut-guiding belief system that governs everything you say, do and feel about teaching!  Yes...pretty powerful stuff indeed!

I would like to  recommend the following books for your professional library.  May they serve as resources as you write, tweak or update your teaching philosophy.

Yes....I have included many titles by Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu.  I consider him the "Godfather of Educating Black Boys" and the educational guru for how best to teach black children in the classroom.

However, before any author's "Black" authenticity is questioned, please be reminded that these are  suggestions only.  I have not personally met any author listed (except Amos Wilson), but I have made an informed decision to choose what best suits my PHILOSOPHY.  As I recently quoted to a reader of my "Books Like Me" post, who commented and questioned what really makes a book black and whether or not quality is considered or just a black author's skin tone, "we should swallow no one whole" even when they come in blackness.  

That gives you one more reason for having a philosophy:  It will help you to stand for something and prevent you from falling for anything!  

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