Monday, October 7, 2013

Power to the Parents!

Here are ten questions to jump start your next PTA/PTO meeting....

  1. Why are the majority of America's public schools still offering African American courses as electives rather than requirements?
  2. How do certain African American girl hairstyles serve as a threat or distraction in schools? 
  3. Will we be as committed to publicly supporting, celebrating and recognizing the work and sacrifices of quality teachers as we are cursing and threatening them when we feel they have mistreated our children?
  4. What realistically explains the shortage of African American teachers?
  5. Does a Euro-centric curriculum serve any purpose for an African American child?
  6. Is the African American achievement gap fact or fiction?
  7. When will schools accept black boys' classroom "aggression" just as contributory as their school athleticism?  
  8. What is the Parent Trigger Law and how does it benefit my child?
  9. How might I consistently volunteer at my child's school?
  10. How can I organize a home library/study area for my child?

Organized parents do have the power...Let's use it!

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