Monday, October 21, 2013

Books by These 25 People Should be in Your Children's Library

Take the Black Children's Book Test

If our children can name and identify twenty-five hip hop artists, make sure they can do the same for the following black children writers and illustrators.



Match the following names with each picture above.

  1. Mildred D. Taylor
  2. Walter Dean Myers
  3. Sharon Bell Mathis
  4. Tom Feelings
  5. Virginia Hamilton
  6. Jerry Pinkney
  7. Brian Pinkney
  8. Ashley Bryan
  9. Julius Lester
  10. Lucille Clifton
  11. Angela Johnson
  12. Nikki Grimes
  13. Donald Crews
  14. Frederick McKissack
  15. Patricia McKissack
  16. Floyd Cooper
  17. Jan Sivey Gilchrist
  18. Jacqueline Woodson
  19. Rita Williams Garcia
  20. Christopher Myers
  21. Christopher Paul Curtis
  22. James Ransome
  23. Angela Shelf Medearis
  24. Bernette Ford
  25. Javaka Steptoe

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